What are the main strings on a tennis racquet?

The main strings, or mains, are those that run vertically from the throat to the tip of the frame. The number of main strings is always listed first. The number 18 refers to the number of cross strings. The crosses, as they are often called, run horizontally across the racquet.

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Likewise, people ask, should mains or crosses be tighter?

The general rule here is the main strings should be strung tighter than cross strings.

People also ask, should main and cross tension be the same? The simple answer is yes, you can absolutely string your mains and crosses at slightly different tensions, though I strongly advise against using drastically different tensions.

Similarly one may ask, do mains or crosses break first?

So why are your cross strings breaking before your mains? Although the main strings commonly break first since they’re doing most of the sliding around during ball impact, hybrid stringing changes the balance of things, so to speak.

What string pattern do pros use tennis?

Pros used to need the 18 x 20 pattern to control natural gut strings, but now different string materials can give control even with a pretty open pattern. Generally tensions are lower in a denser pattern because there are more strings to deflect.

What tension should I string my tennis racquet?

around 50-60 lbs.

How long does Hyper G last?

It played optimally for about 8 or 9 hours which is actually a bit better than most Polys I’ve used. You’re probably not going to break this string regularly but if you do it’s probably breaking well after the playability has dropped off. Not a great value but in my opinion this string is definitely worth it.

Should Poly go in the mains or crosses?

You want more power than control (typically) go with a multi in the mains and poly in the crosses. You want more control than pop go with a poly in the mains and synthetic gut in the crosses. You want to increase durability go with a poly in the mains.

What tension should poly strings be?

Polyester strings have high dynamic tension. That makes the stringbed stiffer and gives it a more board like feel. The trend on the pro tour has seen the average string tension for a poly move lower over time. A decade ago, the average poly was strung at 55 pounds; this is now down in the 40s.

What tension do pros use?

Which racquets / strings / tensions do the Pro’s use?

Player Racquet Tension
Lleyton Hewitt Yonex RDiS 100 Mid 48 lbs
Gael Monfils Prince EXO3 Rebel 95 57 / 55 lbs
Andy Murray Head YouTek Radical Pro 56 lbs
Rafael Nadal Babolat AeroPro Drive Cortex 55 lbs

What type of string is RPM Blast?

-polyester string

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