What are the 9 Masters 1000 tournaments?

Currently, the following nine tournaments are part of the ATP Masters 1000: Canadian Open (alternating yearly between Montreal and Toronto), Italian Open (held in Rome), Indian Wells Masters, Miami Open, Monte-Carlo Masters, Madrid Open, Cincinnati Masters, Shanghai Masters and Paris Masters.

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In this way, how many Masters 1000 Are There tennis?

There have been 70 different champions crowned since the Masters 1000 series began in 1990. Only six players have won

Player Titles
Novak Djokovic 36
Rafael Nadal 36
Roger Federer 28
Andre Agassi 17
Moreover, how many points is a Masters 1000? With these rules, a player playing and winning the mandatory 4 Grand Slams and 8 ATP Masters 1000 events, a further 5 ATP 500 events and the Monte-Carlo Masters 1000 can amass a total of 19,500 points before the ATP Finals and end the calendar year with a maximum of 21,000 points.

Beside above, how many Masters 1000 has Djokovic won?

He also has a joint-record 36 ATP Masters 1000 titles (tied with Nadal), and has won 5 ATP Finals titles, including a record 4 consecutively from 2012 to 2015.

Why are there no Masters 1000 on grass?

The Grandest Slam among Grand Slams. So why is there no Masters 1000 event on grass courts either between French Open & Wimbledon or after Wimbledon? It makes sense to not schedule the event between the 2 week gap from French Open to Wimbledon.

Who most ATP titles?

Roger Federer

# Titles
103 Roger Federer
88 Rafael Nadal
85 Novak Djokovic
64 Pete Sampras

Are Masters 1000 events mandatory?

3) Until and including the week of 15 March 2021 there are no mandatory events. ATP Masters 1000 and 500 events commitment is eliminated. the same event in 2020 and earns a better result. the same event in 2021* and earns a better result.

Which tennis player has won the most Masters?

Novak Djokovic

Titles Player 5th Masters
36 Novak Djokovic 5
Rafael Nadal 10
28 Roger Federer ×

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