What are the 7 seven parts of badminton racket?

It consists of the head, the stringed area, the throat, the shaft and the handle. According to BWF laws, the length of the frame should be no longer than 680 millimeters or wider than 230 millimeters.

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Keeping this in consideration, what is the proper order of the parts of the racket?

The tennis racket can be divided into three sections: The handle, the throat and the head.

  • Handle. The grip is the connection between the racket and the hand of the tennis player. …
  • Throat. At this point the thin grip merges into the wide racket head. …
  • Head. The racket head is the face of the tennis racket.
Similarly, what is badminton racket made up of? Aluminum and Graphite

The badminton racket frame is normally made from lightweight, man-made metals such as graphite or aluminum. This is because most players believe that the lighter the racket, the more manageable and maneuverable it is.

Regarding this, what are the pieces of badminton called?

A modern badminton racket with two plastic shuttlecocks. The shuttlecock (also called a shuttle or a birdie) has a round base, usually made of cork, covered in a thin layer of leather or other material. Stuck into the base are sixteen feathers in a traditional shuttle.

What is the most common shot in badminton?

clear shot

What is the fastest racket sport?


What are the 8 parts of badminton racket?

The frame can have a maximum length of 680mm while the overall width is restricted to 230mm.

  • Stringed area. This is quite self-explanatory – the stringed area is the netted part of the badminton racket with which the player intends to hit the shuttlecock. …
  • The Head. …
  • The Throat. …
  • The Shaft. …
  • The Handle.

Is Badminton a racket?

A game of Badminton is played between two players by using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net. It can be played as “singles” (with one player per side) and “doubles” (with two players per side).

What is the name of the grip that you can use in badminton?

The underlying grip or the undergrip, is a layer of thin wrapping of synthetic leather that is wrapped around the bare handle of the racquet. All badminton racquets come with the undergrip and it is recommended that it is not removed.

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