What are the 4 grips in table tennis?

Racket grips

  • Penhold grip. The Penhold grip is named as such because of the similarity to the way that pens are held. …
  • Shakehand grip. Possibly the oldest surviving grip since the table tennis racket took its current shape. …
  • Unusual grips. …
  • Looper. …
  • Counter driver. …
  • Short pips hitter. …
  • Looper. …
  • All-round attacker.

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Just so, what is the best grip for table tennis?

Your index should rest along the edge of the backhand side and your thumb against the bottom edge of the forehand side. Keep your wrist straight with your forearm and don’t angle it up or down. Another very effective grip is the Penhold grip.

Regarding this, what are the basic grips in table tennis? The three most popular Penhold Grips are the Traditional Chinese Grip, the Reverse Penhold Backhand Chinese Grip, and the Japanese/Korean Grip.

Likewise, people ask, when the score is tied 10 to 10 it is called?

Each side of the table alternates serving two points at a time. EXCEPTION: After tied 10-10 (“deuce”), service alternates at every point.

Is Penhold better than shakehand?

The advantage of the traditional Chinese penhold grip is that it allows free movement of the wrist, much more than shakehand grips do. … Players who use this grip often prefer to stick closer to the table, pushing or blocking with a backhand and attacking with forehand strokes, either through drive or topspin or looping.

What could be the final score to end the set in table tennis?

5 points

When was table tennis banned in the Soviet Union?


How can I improve my grip in table tennis?

What grip does Ma Long use?

Ma Long
Playing style Right-handed, shakehand grip
Equipment(s) (2019) DHS W968 , DHS Hurricane 3 National (FH, Black), DHS Hurricane 3 National (BH, Red)
Highest ranking 1
Current ranking 2 (Aug 2021)

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