What are Nike arm sleeves?

The Nike® Pro Adult Dri-FIT® 4.0 Arm Sleeves helps protect you’re your arms as you battle anywhere on the field. Adding a smooth layer between the playing field and your arms, the compression fabric limits scratches to make sure your performance is on point.

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Additionally, do tennis players wear arm sleeves?

A compression arm sleeve helps to improve muscle awareness and provides support. … A compression sleeve can also help with a dreaded issue for tennis players – tennis elbow. You may even want to wear a sleeve when you’re not playing. Allen Iverson notably used a compression sleeve to help deal with elbow bursitis.

In respect to this, why do athletes wear a sleeve on their arm? Compression Arm Sleeves are designed to wrap your forearm and bicep muscle bellies properly, which result in the following: Reduced muscle vibrations and energy loss that come from impact and movement. Reduced swelling from muscle vibrations and tears.

Secondly, why do NBA players wear arm sleeves?

Origins. Allen Iverson began using a basketball sleeve during the 2000-01 season due to bursitis in his right elbow. … Some players believe the mild compression they provide helps keep their shooting arm warm and improves circulation.

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