What are 2 tips to hitting the volley?

How to Volley in 3 Steps

  1. Get the right grip. Volleying works best with a Continental grip, as it is most efficient for hitting both forehand and backhand volleys without changing your hand-positioning. …
  2. Get the right stance. When you approach the net, you need enough time to split step. …
  3. Get the right motion.

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Accordingly, how do you volley in tennis for beginners?

Secondly, how do you properly volley? Push your fingers up and outward as the ball connects. The motion should feel more like a gentle push than a slap. The arms should cushion the weight of the ball when it connects, leaving the fingers to guide it only. Volley straight into the air, directing the ball only by the position of your hands.

Likewise, people ask, what are the key cues for a volley in tennis?

Volley basics

  • Inclining the body forwards, body weight resting on the soles of the feet, shoulders in front of the feet.
  • Elbows and forearms away from the body, in front of the abdomen, forward by about 10cm.
  • Racket pointed forward, head slightly lifted.
  • Favoring the hammer grip.

How do you do the perfect tennis volley in 3 steps?

How do you hit a low volley in tennis?

How do you hit a forehand volley in tennis?

What grip should you use when you volley?

continental grip

What is a drop volley in tennis?

: a drop shot made on a volley in tennis.

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