Was Lleyton Hewitt married to Kim Clijsters?

File photo of Belgian tennis player Kim Clijsters (L) and her then Australian boyfriend Lleyton Hewitt in 2004. … Clijsters, a four-time major winner who retired after her loss in the second round at the US Open this week, was once engaged to Hewitt, a two-time Grand Slam title winner and fellow former world number one.

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Thereof, why did Kim Clijsters retire?

She was named both the WTA Player of the Year and the WTA Comeback Player of the Year. Despite this success, Clijsters announced in August that she was planning to retire in 2007 because of her injury troubles.

Furthermore, why is Kim Clijsters coming back? Kim Clijsters announced she will not play in Miami and Charleston in the coming months because of health reasons, further delaying her start to 2021. … The Belgian former World No. 1 underwent right knee surgery in October and contracted COVID-19 in January.

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