Is Wii tennis a good workout?

While playing the Wii does not produce as good a fitness benefit as playing the real sport, the video games proved to burn more calories and increase energy expenditure than playing a sedentary video game. … An ACE-sponsored study examining the new Wii Fit is currently underway.

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Likewise, how many calories can Wii tennis burn?

Similarly, Wii Tennis burns 2.8 calories per minute less than the actual game (8.1 calories per minute).

In respect to this, can you burn calories with Wii Sports? — A new study shows that some Wii sports video games may burn as many calories as moderate-intensity exercises such as brisk walking.

One may also ask, how much does playing tennis burn calories?

For a competitive singles tennis game, the average person burns 575-775 calories per hour. If they are hitting balls in non-competitive play, the average person will burn 350-500 calories per hour. The number of calories you are burning during an hour of tennis can help you stay on track with to your fitness goals.

Does Wii sports count as exercise?

A new study shows that kids who play Wii Sports or Dance Dance Revolution are as active as those who play Disney Sing-It Pop Hits or Super Mario Galaxy.

Can Wii Fit get you in shape?

Can games such as Wii Fit in fact get you fit? Experts say yes, but as long as you play them long enough, frequently enough, and really break a sweat. On May 20, health news website MyHealthNewsDaily reported that games such as Wii Fit might better augment a fitness regimen than be the main source of exercise.

Can you lose weight playing Wii Tennis?

One pound equals 3,500 calories. So, if you burn about 350 calories per hour intensely playing Wii Tennis or Wii Boxing, after 10 hours of play, you could lose a pound. By playing less than one hour per day, you could burn these calories in about two weeks.

Does Wii Boxing help lose weight?

In terms of which games produced the greatest amount of weight loss, Wii Boxing burned an impressive 125 calories/half hour followed by Tennis at 92 calories/half hour and Bowling at 77 calories/half hour. A lot of husky kids just got some powerful ammunition in convincing mom to buy them a Wii.

Is Wii Fit Fun?

Wii Fit is one of those games that appeals to all age levels. It’s interactive, it’s fun and anyone can do it, making it something the whole family can enjoy.

How many calories do video games burn?

Playing video games may actually keep you in good physical shape, according to a new study. In the study by game platform Stakester, it was found one hour of gameplay burned about 210 calories in men and 236 calories in women. Two hours of gameplay burned about 420 calories in men and 472 calories in women.

How many calories do you burn playing just dance?

According to Harvard Health Publishing, in general, 30 minutes of fast dancing, like the type you do with “Just Dance,” may burn: 180 calories for a 125-pound person. 223 calories for a 155-pound person. 266 calories for a 185-pound person.

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