Is viscaria a good blade?

An amazing blade for mid distance loopers and the only ALC blade I play with now after being a long time equipment junkie. Great speed, control, consistency, power, and flex: this blade can do it all with no significant weaknesses.

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Simply so, what is the best table tennis blade?

The Best Table Tennis Blades

  • Eastfield Allwood.
  • Eastfield Offensive.
  • JOOLA Rossi Emotion.
  • Butterfly Timo Boll ALC.
  • Butterfly Zhang Jike ZLC.
Besides, how can you tell fake viscaria? As for the Viscaria, the handle of
  1. Lighter.
  2. A darker shade of blue due to cheap printing.
  3. The handle color is darker (very typical point of fake product)

Accordingly, does fan Zhendong use viscaria?

He is actually always using a Viscaria. The blade that has a Stiga Infinity handle is also a Viscaria.

Is viscaria fast?

Butterfly Viscaria is one of the best and most popular table tennis equipment available today. It became famous because Zhang Jike won the Grand Slam in only 445 days. This record makes him the fastest player ever to win a Grand Slam.It became more famous when top players, like Fan Zhendong and Chen Meng used it.

When can I plant viscaria?

Sow April to May outdoors where they are to flower. Prepare the ground well and rake to a fine tilth before sowing. Sow 3mm (1/8in) deep, in rows 30cm (12in) apart. Germination usually takes around 21 days.

What table tennis paddles do pros use?

The 3 Best Ping Pong Paddles for Professionals

  1. STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket. The top contender on our list of professional table tennis rackets is none other than the STIGA Pro Carbon Table Tennis Racket. …
  2. Killerspin JET800 SPEED N1 Table Tennis Paddle. …
  3. MAPOL 4 Star Pro.

What is the fastest table tennis rubber?

Rubbers by Highest Speed

Rubber Speed
1. Donic Bluestorm Z1 Turbo 9.5
2. Tibhar Evolution MX-P 9.5
3. Gewo Nexxus XT Pro 50 Hard 9.5
4. Killerspin Fortissimo 9.5

How long can a table tennis blade last?

If you play regularly, then an all-round blade should last a year or two. An offensive blade will last longer, and a very fast blade much longer. However, the change in the blade with age may not bother you at all. Some players never change their blade.

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