Is Twisted X made by Ariat?

Designed by a former Justin boots and Ariat boots designer, Twisted X footwear is a performance driven, multifunctional line complete with western boots, work boots (including steel toe work boots), and comfort casual footwear.

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Also know, do Twisted X shoes have arch support?

From casual to cowboy, their boots come with a variety of sole options to suit the unique needs of your lifestyle. Whether you find yourself in need of their moisture wicking technology, a high stability sole, added arch support, increased cushion or strong slip resistance, Twisted X is there for you.

Also question is, are twisted XS waterproof? These Shoes feature a water proof bootie and an oil and slip resistant rubber outsole, and a These shoes are made to hold together and perform, so Twisted X is confident that this is the best overall casual and work shoe package; you’ve got better things to worry about than feet.

Accordingly, how do Twisted X shoes fit?

Twisted X boots are cut generously in size. … Fitting in Twisted X boots is consistent from boot to boot, so if you already know what size you wear, you’ll fit it across the line. Twisted X’s fit is comparable to Ariat boots, yet are not as full as Justin boots.

What is a moc toe?

“Moc toe”, as in moccasin. … it means moccasin style toe referring to the stitching around the toe of the boot.

What does size D mean in shoes?

D Widths. A ‘D’ width is the most common size for men and is considered a Normal/Medium/Standard width. For women, a ‘D’ width is considered Wide.

Are Ariats waterproof?

Ariat’s WaterProof Pro is patented technology that provides superior exterior protection with waterproof premium leathers. The durable waterproof barrier is also comfortably breathable.

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