Is Shiraz Malik a real story?

The story revolves around the murder of a seven-time national badminton champion, Shiraz Malik. … The series is based on the real life murder of Syed Modi who was indeed an eight-time national badminton champion.

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Keeping this in view, how many episodes are there in the chargesheet?

Here’s the complete cast and crew of The Chargesheet : Arunoday Singh.

Available On Zee5
Total Episode 8 Episode
Running Time 30-37 Minutes
Released Date 1 January 2020
One may also ask, where can I watch the chargesheet? Watch The Chargesheet: Innocent or Guilty? Web Series, Show Online in HD On ZEE5.

Correspondingly, who is Siraj Malik?

Malik Siraj Akbar (Urdu: ملک سراج اکبر‎) is

Malik Siraj Akbar
Born 9 July 1983 Panjgur, Balochistan, Pakistan
Occupation Journalism
Known for Journalism Founder of The Baluch Hal

Is chargesheet a real story?

Seven were named in a chargesheet following a CBI probe, including Modi’s wife Ameeta and her future husband, Sanjay Singh who were allegedly suspected of getting Syed murdered due to their extra-marital affair, but the case against Ameeta Modi and Sanjay Singh – for conspiracy – was dropped, and Akhilesh Singh and …

Is the charge sheet?

A charge sheet is a final report prepared by the investigation or law enforcement agencies for proving the accusation of a crime in a criminal court of law. … It is on the basis of the charge sheet and other finding of records, the magistrate frames the charge against the accused, whether to plead guilty or not.

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