Is Sebastian Korda Petr Korda son?

Sebastian Korda is the son of Czech tennis player Petr Korda and former top 30 player Regina Rajchrtová, with his father having been an Australian Open champion and French Open finalist in both singles and doubles. Sebastian’s older sisters Jessica and Nelly are both LPGA golf professionals.

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Beside above, who is Peter Korda wife?

Regina Rajchrtová

In this manner, when did Petr Korda marry? The Korda family is fast becoming a sports dynasty. Petr Korda, born in Prague, won the 1998 Australian Open, reached the 1992 French Open final and was ranked as high as No. 2 in the world in 1998. He married Regina Rajchrtová, a former professional tennis player from Czechoslovakia who reached as high as No.

Similarly one may ask, is Nadal playing Wimbledon 2021?

Wimbledon 2021 will go ahead this year without two of the biggest names in tennis. World No. 3 Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from the men’s tournament while Naomi Osaka, ranked second in the world, has opted not to play in this year’s women’s championships.

Which Korda sister is older?

Jessica Korda

Is Kelly Korda married?

Korda’s husband or lover

American female golfer Korda has just (2020) turned 22 years old. She is not married yet, but she is in a relationship with her boyfriend Andreas Athanasio. Korda is a professional golfer from the United States. She plays on the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) tour.

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