Is Pauline Mario’s girlfriend?

Pauline makes a very small cameo in Nintendo Monopoly, and she appeared as a main character in the Saturday Supercade cartoon show, but instead of being Mario’s girlfriend, she was his niece. In the Super Mario Bros.

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Moreover, who is Pauline Mario Tennis?

Pauline (ポリーン?) is a character that was the original damsel-in-distress whom her love interest, Mario must rescue from the eponymous ape in the original Donkey Kong, which marked their debut. … Pauline made her appearance in Super Mario Odyssey, where she is the mayor of New Donk City.

Secondly, why did Mario break up with Pauline? Princess Peach Toadstool – She is a full reason of why Mario broke up with Pauline. … King Bowser – Pauline never liked Bowser at all. Because of him, Mario saved Peach’s life from Bowser and if broke her heart, causing the temporary break-up of her friendship with her.

Subsequently, did Mario and Pauline date?

Donkey Kong (coloring/activity books)

In the Donkey Kong series, Pauline is a singer at Video Land Amusement Park and is the subject of unrequited love from little Mario the carpenter and Donkey Kong, the new attraction. Donkey Kong breaks free and kidnaps her leading to Mario having to rescue her.

Who is Wario’s girlfriend?

Gender: Female
Series: WarioWare Stupid Mario Brothers
Home World: Mushroom Kingdom
Allies: Wario Donkey Kong Mario Luigi Snake Ness Ryu Yoshi Brock Gary Waluigi The Darkness Ken General Pauline

Who is Mario’s wife?

Princess Daisy
Mario character
Daisy, as depicted in her promotional artwork for Super Mario Party.
First appearance Super Mario Land (1989)
Created by Gunpei Yokoi

Who is Mario’s Mom?

Mama Mario

Mama Mario
Mama Mario, played by Lou Albano, in “Mama Mia Mario”
Latest portrayal Lou Albano (1989)

Who is Mario’s daughter?


Created by Yoshiaki Koizumi
Voiced by Mercedes Rose (2007–2010) Kerri Kane (2011–2014; 2017-2018) Laura Faye Smith (2013–present)
In-universe information
Species Human

Who is Peachette?

Peachette is a form of Toadette who also appears as a primary spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The player must fight the possessed fighters of Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi in their default costumes along with a Mii Brawler in its Toad costume.

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