Is on the Roger a tennis shoe?

THE ROGER Centre Court is the tennis-inspired all-day sneaker Swiss-engineered with the Swiss maestro. Born from a shared passion for the point where performance and style intersect, THE ROGER Centre Court is a highly technical take on the classic tennis sneaker.

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In this regard, what are OC shoes?

On running shoes deliver a new running experience. Instead of traditional midsole that use a single slab of foam, On employs geometry to help cushion your landings and create explosive takeoffs.

One may also ask, does on make tennis shoes? [+] The latest Roger Federer On shoe moves from the streets to the courts, giving the Swiss brand its first on-court tennis sneaker and pushes the Federer sneaker line into performance. But the shoe is just for Federer and not for his fans, at least for now.

Consequently, does on cloud make a court shoe?

ON Cloud X Men’s Shoes

The perfect training or running shoes, these are light and cushioned and ideal to throw on your feet after a long day on the court or to work on your off-court training!

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