Is Mario Tennis Aces bad?

Conclusions. There isn’t one glaring issue that makes Mario Tennis Aces a disappointment, but, rather, a combination of smaller, more nuanced problems. A poor story mode, lack of single player options, and a lack of serious progression makes Aces stand out as one of the few truly disappointing Switch titles.

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Also question is, how long is Mario Tennis Aces story mode?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 115 5h 58m
Main + Extras 69 8h 06m
Completionists 54 8h 42m
All PlayStyles 238 7h 13m
Just so, is Mario Tennis Aces 60fps? Others have a targeted framerate of 60 frames per second but can occasionally dip below that number.
Game title Mario Tennis Aces
Only docked? No
Only portable? No
Both? Yes

In respect to this, is Super Mario Tennis Aces good?

Mario Tennis Aces is an extremely fun arcade tennis experience, colourful and dazzling to look at and smartly balanced in its back-and-forth play. … As it is, Mario Tennis Aces is still a lot of frantic tennis fun with friends.

How many levels are in Mario Tennis ace?

A new court will unlock whenever you finish each of the game’s five areas, bringing the total of playable courts to eight.

How much are games for Nintendo switch?

Nintendo Switch Prices & Switch Game List

Title Loose Price New Price
Ring Fit Adventure $41.00 $56.26
Zelda Breath of the Wild $35.00 $42.92
Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse $70.72 $405.50
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe $36.00 $40.00

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