Is Lee Chong Wei the best badminton player?

Lee Chong Wei is one of the

Best BWF World Ranking : 1
Specialty : Footwork, Defence, Agility
Country : Malaysia

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Also question is, which badminton does Lee Chong Wei use?

The Yonex Duora 10 became one of the most popular rackets of all time since Lee Chong Wei started using it.

Considering this, why is Lee Chong Wei good badminton? He’s able to put heavy pressure on his opponents as well as repel their attacks. The speed also allows him to get to shots early for deceptions. Lee Chong Wei almost never loses at the net. His deceptive cross court net shots and his ability to play back net rolls is impressive.

Additionally, is Lin Dan or Lee Chong Wei better?

Though Lee Chong Wei eventually got the better of Lin Dan at the Rio 2016 Olympics semi-final, the Chinese star won two Olympic and World Championship finals against his Malaysian counterpart prior to that. … Lin Dan’s phenomenal success is attributed more to his intelligence than physical prowess.

Who is the richest badminton player in the world?

Richest badminton player: The number 1 highest paid badminton player in the world is the Malaysian badminton icon Lee Chong; his earnings are more than $ 75 million.

Who is greatest badminton player?

Top 10 Badminton Players of all time

  • Number 9 & 8: Peter Høeg Gade & Morten Frost Hansen.
  • Number 7: Tony Gunawan.
  • Number 6: Li Lingwei.
  • Number 5: Rudy Hartono.
  • Number 4: Taufik Hidayat.
  • Number 3: Gao Ling.
  • Number 2: Lee Chong Wei.
  • Number 1: Lin Dan.

What is the price of Yonex Astrox 99?

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This item YONEX Astrox 99 Unstrung Graphite Badminton Racquet ( Set of 1,Orange , G4 , 80-84.9 grams , 29 pounds )
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Price ₹11,450.00
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Which is the most expensive badminton racket?

Li-Ning N36 S2

What racquet does Sindhu use?

Sponsored by Li-Ning, P.V Sindhu is currently using “N9 Li-Ning Racquet.” This badminton racquet is primarily designed for high power, offensive & attacking players that desire to play with extreme power.

Why is Chen Long so good?

Chen Long’s greatest strength is his defense. Many players such as Lin Dan has even quoted, “Playing against Chen Long is like playing against a wall.” … His long limbs allow him to reach out for shots better than many players. His reaction time is also godlike.

When did Taufik Hidayat retire?

Taufik Hidayat (born 10 August 1981) is an Indonesian retired badminton player. He is a former World and Olympic champion in the men’s singles. Hidayat has won the Indonesia Open six times (1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2006).

Taufik Hidayat
Spouse(s) Ami Gumelar ​ ( m. 2006)​

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