Is Katherine Parenteau married?

Catherine enjoys all outdoor activities, from going for a run outside to skiing on the slopes in Canada. She’s currently based in Naples, FL with her partner Athena Trouillot and their French bulldog, Zoey.

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In respect to this, how old is Catherine Parenteau?

Meet Catherine Parenteau

Ranked top 5 in the world, Catherine Parenteau, at age 26, is one of today’s most well-known players in women’s professional pickleball.

Additionally, how old is Anna Leigh Waters? A chance road trip to Pennsylvania to avoid Hurricane Irma led to the discovery of a new sport for Leigh Waters, 40, and her 12-year-old daughter Anna Leigh Waters.

Keeping this in consideration, what paddle does Catherine Parenteau use?

Tempest Reign Pro Catherine

Who is Callie Smith?

She is the co-founder and co-owner with her husband of Paddle Up, a pickleball academy and program focused on raising the level of pickleball across the world. She is currently sponsored by Onix Pickleball, Hypesol, and Spry. Callie grew up in Northern Utah and was the #1 High School Women’s Tennis player in Utah.

How old is Simone Jardim pickleball?

Jardim, 39, is from Brazil but has spent the past three years living in Southwest Florida. Both local players crisscross the country to participate in the growing number of big-money professional pickleball tournaments. “The U.S. Open is always my favorite tournament of the year,” Yates said.

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