Is it easy to get a tennis scholarship?

Just how hard is it to get a tennis scholarship? The simple answer, very. First of all, getting a scholarship in any sport is tough. In 2015/16 in ALL sports, a little over 7% of high school athletes (about 1 in 14) went on to play a varsity sport in college.

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Also, what college has the best tennis program?

The Top 10 Best Tennis Colleges in the US

  • Stanford University. Stanford’s educational reputation is well known, but it has also operated one of the leading tennis programs for many years. …
  • UCLA. …
  • USC. …
  • Wake Forest University. …
  • University Of Georgia. …
  • Ohio State University. …
  • University Of Virginia. …
  • University Of Texas At Austin.
Considering this, can I go D1 in tennis? Without a doubt, college tennis offers a wide range of opportunities for all kinds of players. NCAA Division 1: Larger schools with the largest budgets dedicated to athletics. Some D1 players even go on to play professional tennis. There are 350 D1 colleges in the United States.

Consequently, what’s the easiest sport to get a scholarship?

What are the easiest sports for men to get a scholarship in?

  • Lacrosse. This is the easiest sport to get an athletic scholarship. …
  • Baseball. Baseball is a national sport, and almost every high school and teen movie features high school baseball players trying to impress a coach and get a scholarship. …
  • Hockey.

Is tennis a good sport for scholarships?

In Division I baseball, for example, teams can offer an average of 11.7 scholarships to a team of 35 players.

NCAA & NAIA schools Tennis
Number of high-school athletes 215,737
Athletic scholarships 4,480
Ratio of high-school athletes to college scholarships 48:1

Can college tennis players go pro?

The level of college tennis might not be as competitive as professional tennis but every time the level is becoming higher and the statistics show it, more players are becoming pro after college and the college players are being successful on the ATP tour. College Tennis is most of the time the best option.

How do you get recruited for tennis?

Tennis Recruiting: 6 Tips for Getting Attention from Colleges

  1. Make a list of schools with tennis programs that interest you as a prospective player. …
  2. Establish contact with the coaches at schools on your list. …
  3. Start a résumé. …
  4. Enter your profile at Tennis …
  5. Play as much as you can. …
  6. Keep up your grades.

Which country is tennis most popular?


ranking Country Regional Popularity *
1 Australia 100
2 France 71
3 New Zealand 70
4 Switzerland 69

Which Ivy League school has the best tennis team?

2018-19 Men’s Tennis Standing

School School Overall
Columbia Columbia 19-4
Harvard Harvard 18-8
Cornell Cornell 14-10
Princeton Princeton 17-9

Do college tennis players get paid?

Currently, tennis players in college don’t get paid. They do get athletic scholarships from their educational institutions, stipends to help sustain their living costs, and the opportunity to accept prize money from tournaments, though capped at $10,000 per year.

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