Is Hopman Cup coming back?

The Hopman Cup – a popular mixed invitational event that ran for 25 years until 2019 – is set to be restored to the calendar in 2022, ITF president Dave Haggerty said.

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Moreover, who is the winner of Hopman Cup?

Roger Federer
Year Winner Score
2019 Switzerland Roger Federer & Belinda Bencic 2-1
2018 Switzerland Roger Federer & Belinda Bencic 2-1
2017 France Richard Gasquet & Kristina Mladenovic 2-1
2016 Australia Green Nick Kyrgios & Daria Gavrilova 2-1
Furthermore, who won the 2019 Hopman Cup between USA Williams and Switzerland Federer? Roger Federer came out on top in his highly anticipated match-up with Serena Williams to help Switzerland clinch their Mastercard Hopman Cup tie against USA 2-1. Federer gave Switzerland a 1-0 lead with a 6-4 6-1 win over Frances Tiafoe.

Also question is, is Lucy Hopman still alive?

Lucy Hopman, the widow of Australian tennis great Harry Hopman, passed away on 31 August in Florida at the age of 98. … After Harry’s death in 1985 Lucy dedicated her life to honouring his legacy.

Will there be ATP Cup 2021?

ATP Cup Explained

Debuting in 2020 as the world’s most exciting and innovative new tennis tournament, ATP Cup brings together the sport’s best players competing as a team with their countrymen. … In 2021, a smaller 12-country tournament was played entirely in Melbourne due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Which sports Davis Cup Hopman Cup Venus Rosewater Dish Trophies are given?

Answer: It is related to tennis game. Hope this answer helps you!!

Which country has won the Hopman Cup recently?


Most recent season or competition: 2019 Hopman Cup
Country Australia
Venue(s) Burswood Dome (1989–2012) Perth Arena (2013–2019)
Most recent champion(s) Switzerland

Which country won the Hopman Cup 2019?


2019 Hopman Cup
Venue Perth Arena

Who started the Hopman Cup?

Roger Federer’s first Hopman Cup appearance in 15 years set the stage for a record-breaking week. In an event first, the prolific champion staged an open practice session, attracting over 6000 fans before the competition had officially commenced.

Who won the Mastercard Hopman Cup title 2018?


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