Is Head Ti S6 good?

Overall, the Head Ti. S6 is a great racquet at a great price. We recommend it for any tennis player, from casual beginners to more advanced competitive players, and especially for intermediate players.

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Similarly one may ask, are head heavy racquets good?

Head Heavy racquets:

A head heavy racquet produces more power as the higher mass at the head of the racquet enables a racquet to be swung with greater momentum than a head light racquet. A head heavy racquet is usually favoured by players who generally favour baseline shots.

Beside above, is Head Ti S6 good for beginners? With a light frame and large head, this racquet is perfect for beginners. This is one of the best racquets for any beginner looking to start playing tennis.

Besides, what tennis racket has the largest head?


Head Size: 137 sq. in OS
Swing Weight: 412

How thick should a tennis grip be?

Standard adult tennis racquet grip sizes normally range between 4 ⅛ inches to 4 ⅝ inches, which measures the circumference or distance around the edge of the handle (please note that some countries may express the racquet grip size differently; please use the chart below for reference).

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