Is Dustin Brown still playing tennis?

Dustin Brown (born 8 December 1984) is a German professional tennis player. … Brown has yet to make an ATP tour final but has made two semifinals at the 2016 Open Sud de France and the 2016 Swiss Open Gstaad.

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Beside above, what is wrong with Dustin Brown?

Dustin Brown to miss remainder of 2020-21 season with upper-body injury. “After consultation with team medical staff, it has been determined that Dustin Brown will be sidelined for the remainder of the season due to an upper-body injury he sustained earlier in the year.

In this manner, what is Dustin Brown rank? He is ranked world No 239 as of 1 June, 2020. Brown reached a career-high of No 43 in the ATP doubles rankings.

Also question is, what racquet does Brown use?

What racquet and strings does he use to do all that? Brown plays with a Babolat Pure Drive FSI strung with Luxilon 4G that he strings “insanely” high at around 30+ kg (70+ lbs) which is good for control but not recommended to an average player due to potential arm injuries like tennis elbow.

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