Is Dunlop a good tennis brand?

The best tennis racket brands in 2021 are Dunlop, Prince, Tecnifibre, Yonex, Head, Babolat, and Wilson. … These brands have been around for a while, and are known to make high-quality racquets that are good for both professional players and beginners.

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Moreover, is Dunlop tennis Japanese?

In most of the world, Dunlop Sport is operated by SRI Sports, a subsidiary of Japanese conglomerate Sumitomo Rubber Industries, which acquired the Dunlop brand in 2017.

One may also ask, which tennis pros use Dunlop? ATP TENNIS PRO PLAYERS PLAYING WITH DUNLOP/SRIXON RACKET
Anderson Kevin South Africa Dunlop/Srixon
Broady Liam Great Britain Dunlop/Srixon
Draper Jack Great Britain Dunlop
Kecmanovic Miomir Serbia Dunlop

Likewise, people ask, where are Dunlop tennis rackets made?

Dunlop is a British manufacturing company that was established in 1910 with a focus on racquet sports. They produce balls, strings, racquets, sportswear, bags, etc.

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