Is Djokovic a counter puncher?

Djokovic was always known as a ‘counter puncher’ who could play all day from the back of the court. He realised early on that with Roger and Rafa, he had to be able to take the initiative in rallies and worked on developing a more compact and aggressive game that has seen him dominate the rallies from the baseline.

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Then, how do you beat a counterpuncher in tennis?

Likewise, what does a tennis player need to beat their opponent? Therefore, the first player to win four points wins the game. To win a game, a player must beat their opponent by two clear points. However, it is very common for both players to reach 40-40 (40-all) – this is called “deuce”. At deuce, a player is still required to win by two more points.

Moreover, what is an all court tennis player?

All-court player

All-court players, or all-rounders, have aspects of every tennis style, whether that be offensive baseliner, defensive counter-puncher or serve-and-volleyer. All-court players use the best bits from each style and mix it together to create a truly formidable tennis style to play against.

What is Nadal’s weakness?

Rafael Nadal says his backhand wing is a weakness he needs to address if he is to improve his record in indoor hardcourt events.

What are Federer’s strengths?

‘Federer’s greatest strength is his mind

Technically speaking, Federer “rates number one in the men’s game,” according to GIG, because of the potency of his first serve. His forehand is also regarded as the third best in the world.

What type of tennis player is Federer?

Swiss tennis player

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