Is Borna Coric injury?

Borna Coric announced on Instagram Wednesday that he underwent surgery on his right shoulder on Tuesday. “I have been dealing with shoulder pain for some time now and despite trying a whole range of recovery techniques, it was clear a more permanent solution was needed,” Coric wrote.

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Similarly, what does the name Borna mean?

Borna (Croatian pronunciation: [bôːrna]) is a masculine Croatian given name. It is also a masculine Persian given name, (Persian: برنا‎). Borna in Persian language means young. Notable people with the name include: Borna (duke) (died 821), Duke of Dalmatia.

Then, how old is Coric tennis?

24 years old

Keeping this in view, who coaches Borna Coric?

Coric was coached by Zeljko Krajan during the start of his professional career. He then partnered with Thomas Johansson (2015), Miles Maclagan (2016), Ivica Ancic (2016-2017), Riccardo Piatti, Kristijan Schneider (2017-2019), Antonio Veić (2019), and finally his current coach Martin Stepanek.

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