Is BG 80 good?

YONEX BG 80 – 0,68 mm rating: 1 Average
1. The string conveys a good feel for the stroke (touch/feedback) 4,8
2. The string has good elasticity and damping properties 3,6
3. The string retains its elasticity (trampoline effect) for a very long time 4,4
4. The string supports a good length on Clears 4,4

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Also know, which Yonex string for badminton?

Product Summary

String Name Repulsion Power Gauge
Aerobite Boost 8 Mains: 0.72 mm Crosses: 0.61 mm
Nanogy 99 9 0.69 mm
Skyarc 8 0.69 mm
BG85 8 0.67 mm
Also, is Nanogy 98 good? The Yonex Nanogy (NBG) 98 badminton string is a pretty popular string. It has various ups and downs, but overall, it is an excellent choice as a badminton string for control players.

In this manner, which is better BG 66 or BG 80?


Diameter: 0.68mm
Downside: Difficult to use

Is BG66 ultimax good?

BG66 Ultimax is absolutely delightful to play with when strung with 25lbs vertically x 24lbs horizontally, good power great control and fantastic whooshh sound which makes u happy.

What string tension Do pros use badminton?

Beginner : 17lbs-20lbs. Intermediate: 20lbs-24lbs. Advanced: 24lbs-27lbs. Professional/International: 27lbs – 30lbs+

Which badminton grip is best?

Top 8 Best Badminton Grips Reviews in 2021

  • Vigo Sports Non-Slip Racket Grip. …
  • Senston New Racket Grip. …
  • Wilson Pro Overgrip. …
  • Head Super Comp Overgrip. …
  • Yonex Super Grap Overgrip. …
  • FJZLIFE Racket Grip. …
  • Pangda Tennis Badminton Racket Overgrip. …
  • Zingther Professional Premium Badminton Grip.

Which is better bg65 or bg65 titanium?

A:BG 65 ti is better. Lasts longer than most strings at high tension . It has a hard feeling and better for offensive shots than the BG 65 which has a soft feeling .

Which Yonex string is good?

Yonex BG65 Badminton String

This is probably the most popular Yonex badminton strings, sort of like the “must try” badminton strings for all badminton players. Yonex BG 65 was used by a lot of World-class players. With the thickness of 0.70mm and multifilament structure, Yonex BG 65 is a durable, flexible string.

What strings last the longest?

The most durable material is polyester, while natural gut strings are the least durable. A string with a gauge of 15 is considered to be “thick” and will tend to last longer. A string with a gauge of 18 is considered to be “thin” and will not tend to last as long.

Are Yonex tennis strings good?

Though at the 2018 Junior Australian Open, Yonex Poly Tour Pro tied Babolat RPM Blast for the most used string with 11.5% of the players. This is a great sign that Yonex has stepped up their quality of high-performance tennis string. … It has a soft HR-Elastomer added to the string for better shock reduction.

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