Is Babolat Pure Aero a good racquet?

The Babolat Pure Aero series proves to be an excellent racquet as well. Specifically designed for those players who want to increase their spin and power without sacrificing too much control. Baseline players will find that this racquet helps them hit a heavier ball like Nadal (well, at least closer to Nadal).

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One may also ask, who uses Babolat Pure Aero team?

While the Pure Drive has come to define the power racket for Babolat, the spin-happy Pure Aero has shown a near equal popularity, largely on its association with Rafael Nadal, who has played with the racket since 2004, winning 17 Grand Slams.

In this manner, is Babolat coming out with a new pure Aero? That said, when taking into account the powerful characteristics of Rafa Nadal’s Pure Aero and attempting to make a slightly more control-friendly frame that still provides the power and plow-through that the Aero Series has been known for, Babolat has come forward with another hit by introducing the 2020 Pure Aero VS.

Additionally, what pros use Babolat Pure Aero?

Rafael Nadal is synonomous with the topselling Babolat Pure Aero range (and it previous iterations including Aero Pro. This racket has been designed in close consultation with him and Nadal is reported to have recently has added 2 grams to the weight of the racket to provide extra power.

Which is better pure drive or pure strike?

The Pure Drive is Babolat’s best overall tennis racquet. It works for a wide range of players at any skill level. However, if you know you’ll need more help with control, the Pure Strike is going to be the best racquet.

What is the difference between pure aero and pure aero team?

The Pure Strike Team is a bit more control oriented and understated, whereas the Pure Drive Team is much looser and power oriented. The Babolat Pure Aero Team hits a sweet note in the middle that a lot of people are going to like. I gave the Babolat Pure Aero Team a 7.5 out of 10 on the groundstrokes.

What is difference between Babolat Pure Drive and Pure Drive Team?

The Pure Drive Team offers the tried and true recipe of all court power from the regular Pure Drive in a setup that is lighter and more maneuverable. This update has a smoother response and even more power and spin potential.

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