Is AO Tennis 2 a good game?

I can definitively say the game has more positives than negatives and feels less raw than its predecessor, but it still isn’t as complete as other sports titles. Thankfully, it’s only priced at $39.99 which takes a ton of the pressure off the feature set, and makes it a great buy for fans of tennis video games.

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Furthermore, does AO Tennis 2 have commentary?

The animations were stiff, there was a lack of in-game commentary and the amount of licensed players and courts was abysmal. … AO Tennis 2’s gameplay however tries to be too much of a simulation and has somehow managed to suck all the fun out of the fast paced real-world game.

Also question is, is Tennis World Tour 2 worth buying? Tennis World Tour 2 captures the flow of real-world tennis well, but that comes with a steep timing-based learning curve. … As it stands, it’s the best tennis game currently available on the PS4, but there’s still room for further improvement here.

Similarly, does AO Tennis 2 have career mode?

Big Ant Studios has now released a new video today explaining more of the things you can do in the Career Mode of AO Tennis 2. The Career Mode also gives players the option to behave in certain ways on and off the court. …

Is AO Tennis 2 online only?

AO Tennis 2 is the only tennis experience designed for and by its community. Create your own players, stadiums and legendary matches. Enter the competition to reach the top of world tennis in Career Mode. Online multiplayer on Xbox requires Xbox Live Gold (subscription sold separately).

How do you get good at AO Tennis 2?

Is there any tennis game for PS4?


Does AO tennis have career mode?

1. There’s an Overhauled Career Mode. The career mode from AO Tennis sucked. There’s no other way to put it.

Is Tennis World Tour 2 hard?

A good tennis game is hard to find and sadly Tennis World Tour 2 on the PS5 and Xbox Series X isn’t a match winner. … The gameplay itself is frustrating and overly tough. The computer-controlled rivals will have you running like a wild man all over the court and beat you into submission far too easily.

Can you play Tennis World Tour 2 on PS5?

Tennis world Tour 2 – Complete Edition includes all content available for Tennis World Tour 2 and hits new heights in terms of technical and graphical performance. … The edition includes: the base game, 48 official players and the signature moves of the biggest stars!

How many players can play Tennis World Tour 2?

four players

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