Is Agnes Scott expensive?

Take a look at Agnes Scott’s financial aid options, including grants, scholarships, and student loans, then calculate the net price based on your income level to determine if you can afford to attend this school.

Tuition and fees $42,690
+ Room and board $12,670
+ Other expenses $2,145
Total cost $57,505

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Also, is Agnes Scott religious?

Founded in the Presbyterian tradition, Agnes Scott is an inclusive community that welcomes students of all faith backgrounds. The Office of Religious & Spiritual Life plans community worship and other religious programs, as well as opportunities for study, learning, prayer, pastoral care and outreach.

Thereof, what is Agnes Scott known for? Agnes Scott is also nationally recognized for our SUMMIT curriculum; the college received the Heiskell Award for Scholars as Drivers of Innovation and recognition from the Institute for International Education. “Agnes Scott College is in itself very diverse, not just in terms of people who are here but also viewpoints.

Beside above, does Agnes Scott accept HOPE Scholarship?

59% of in-state Agnes Scott students receive the Georgia HOPE, a scholarship amount of up to $4,304 per year.

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