How should I store my tennis racket?

The best place to store your tennis racket at home is at room temperature in a place location, where it is unlikely to be crushed by the pressure of other items. Try to avoid putting your racket with your checked luggage when traveling so that the racket is less likely to get damaged in the process.

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In this regard, what is a tennis racket handle called?

A tennis racquet’s handle has an octagonal shape, and the 8 sides are called bevels. The bevels serve as a reference point for executing certain grip types, as well as providing a comfortable shape to hold the racquet.

Additionally, how should I store my badminton racket at home? Bag it up!

The way you store your racket can have a great impact on its durability. If you leave the racket in a casual backpack with your badminton gear and clothes, it won’t do much good. Leaving the racket in a damp place will create a negative impact. Always store the racket in a well-cushioned bag.

Moreover, is it bad to keep tennis racquet in the car?

It is advisable not to leave your racket in the car, regardless of the prevailing temperatures outside. The car tends to heat up to extreme levels, which is harmful to your strings and racket frame, depending on its material. … In the same light, the tennis strings, frame, and grip are also sensitive to heat.

Do tennis rackets do maintenance?

Basic Racket Care Tips for Maximum Performance

  • Restring a racquet as many times per year as you play per week (with a minimum of 2 times per year). …
  • If you’re not a string breaker, switch to a thinner string (17-18 gauge). …
  • Keep your racquet’s away from heat! …
  • Keep your racquets out of the cold.

How do I improve my tennis grip?

What is the most popular forehand grip?

Semi-Western grip

What are the three parts of a tennis racket?

The tennis racket can be divided into three sections: The handle, the throat and the head.

  • Handle. The grip is the connection between the racket and the hand of the tennis player. …
  • Throat. At this point the thin grip merges into the wide racket head. …
  • Head. The racket head is the face of the tennis racket.

What is the most common string patterns for tennis rackets?

16 x 19 is the most popular stringing pattern used today in racquets. This pattern is a little more open than the 18 x 20 giving players that extra spin and power needed for a fast paced game. Many players like the 16 x 19 pattern a little more due to its increase in power and feel for the ball at impact.

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