How much is membership at Brookhaven Country Club?

According to, the initial fee at Brookhaven Country Club is $2,500 and the monthly membership dues are $327. The Avid Golfer Magazine says the initiation fee required at the Brookhaven Country Club is $4,000 and the monthly dues are $435.

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Similarly one may ask, how much does it cost to join Dallas Country Club?

They don’t care if you can plunk down the $15,000 initiation fee in cash – you’re still looking at a waiting period of up to 10 years to become one of the 1400 members of this traditional, old-money country club. The reason DCC is so sought after is simple: It’s the best in Dallas in terms of pure prestige.

Consequently, how much is Stonebriar Country Club membership? According to, the initial membership fee for the Stonebriar Country Club is about $35,000 and the monthly fee is $475, but this can vary depending on the membership you’re looking to sign up for.

Accordingly, how much is a membership at Four Seasons?

Single Membership

1 month $50
12 months $600

Where do the rich hang out in Dallas?

The 6 Most Expensive Neighborhoods In Dallas

  • UPTOWN. Luxurious, amenity-rich high-rises—such as The Victor (thevictordallas. …
  • PRESTON HOLLOW. Preston Hollow is known for its tree-lined streets and multiacre lots. …

What is the most exclusive country club in Dallas?

Dallas’ Most Exclusive Private Clubs

  • Vaquero Club. A ‘Bubble’ for New Money. …
  • Brook Hollow Golf Club. Stronghold of the Elite. …
  • Dallas Country Club. Location, Location, Location. …
  • Preston Trail Golf Club. Inside the Boys’ Club.

How much does Prestonwood Country Club cost?

How much does a Prestonwood Country Club membership cost?

Membership Class Initiation Fee Monthly Dues
Full Golf $23,000 $490
Tennis $11,500 $245
Social $9,200 $192

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