How much is a ticket to the Australian Open final?

The cheapest ticket to the men’s final is currently priced at $550 or fans can pay $990 for the best seat in the house.

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Likewise, people ask, how much does it cost to attend the Australian Open?

What are the ticket prices for AO 2021? John Cain Arena tickets are $49 weekdays, $59 weekends – same price as a ground pass in 2020. RLA prices are the same as AO 2020 – starting from $62 day $65 night.

Also question is, are fans allowed at Australian Open 2021? Australian Open 2021: Tournament won’t have fans over the next five days as Melbourne enters COVID-19 lockdown. … The state will now be under Stage 4 restrictions, which means that fans won’t be able to attend the Australian Open until at least the quarterfinals begin.

Secondly, are there ground passes at Australian Open?

The popular Australian Open ground pass has been scrapped this year in a bid to prevent another COVID outbreak in Melbourne. … I just feel super comfortable,” Nick Kyrgios during the 2020 Australian Open. “You guys (talking to the crowd) are the best – I can feel the support.”

Is there a dress code for Australian Open?

The dress code is smart casual — no thongs, singlets, ripped jeans, ripped clothes or sports shorts.

Can you take food into the Australian Open?

Small bags, including handbags. Non-alcoholic beverages or drink bottles in plastic. Food, in permissible packaging, including baby food.

How long does Aus Open go for?

Tennis matches vary greatly in length and can take anywhere from one to four hours. Men’s singles matches are best of five sets and Women’s singles matches are best of three sets.

When can you enter Australian Open?

All day session ticket holders can enter the precinct from 10am but must vacate Rod Laver Arena or Margaret Court Arena at the conclusion of play for the day session. Day session tickets will still allow you access to the outdoor courts and the outside events held on site.

What time do gates open Australian Open?

10:00 AM

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