How much does the Evert Tennis Academy cost?

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Costs Jr. Academy: $30,000-$48,000/yr boarding. Weekly: $995 all day non-boarding, $1,395 all day boarding, $1,395 Developmental non-boarding, $1,795 Developental boarding. Half day $695.
U.S. Locations Boca Raton, Florida
Months Year round

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People also ask, is Evert Tennis Academy good?

As the proud home to more than 15 Grand Slam participants and 100 Division I college athletes, Evert Tennis Academy has a proven record of success in developing champions at the highest levels. … The expert coaching staff is dedicated to the instruction, development and success of each athlete.

Beside this, who is John Evert? John Evert is the Founder and Managing Partner of the Evert Tennis Academy. John has developed and managed top junior, collegiate and professional players for over 30 years. John was raised in a tennis family whose name is synonymous with American Tennis.

In respect to this, how much is Chris Evert net worth?

A former world No. 1 Chris Evert who bagged eighteen grand slam singles titles, has a net worth of around $16 million. Chris Evert was born and raised in Boca Raton, Florida to her parents, Jimmy Evert, and Colette Thompson.

Who did Rick Macci coach?

Macci has coached players such as Karim Alami, Jennifer Capriati, Tommy Ho, Sonia Kenin, Bethani Mattek, Anastaysia Myskina, Mary Pierce, Tina Pisnik, Andy Roddick, Christan Rudd, Maria Sharapova, Vince Spadea, Venus and Serena Williams, and hundreds of other professional tour players around the globe.

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