How much does it cost to join the Beverly Hills Tennis Club?

ADULT SINGLE– $575 annual dues, plus $1000 initiation fee

Please enclose a check or money order for $1575 with your application ($1000 initiation fee plus $575 annual dues.) Application for membership is tendered and processed by applicable sections of the Beverly Hills Tennis Club by-laws.

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Subsequently, what is a Har Tru tennis court?

HAR-TRU is a unique crushed stone product that confers many benefits to court owners and tennis players. Often referred to as “fast-dry,” HAR-TRU dries quickly after a rain. It also allows you to continue play through light rain. … HAR-TRU is a porous surface that reduces runoff and soil erosion.

Simply so, how much does Riviera Country Club cost? On average, the initiation fee is as high as $250,000, and the cost will greatly depend on the type of membership you sign up for. Annual dues are said to be north of $25,000+.

Beside above, which tennis court surface is the best?

hard court

What is the difference between clay and Har-Tru tennis courts?

Har-Tru tends to be more slippery than red clay, and tougher to change directions when moving. It is slower than hard courts or grass courts, but quicker than red clay.

Are grass tennis courts real grass?

Grass courts are made of grasses in different compositions depending on the tournament. Although grass courts are more traditional than other types of tennis courts, maintenance costs of grass courts are higher than those of hard courts and clay courts.

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