How much does it cost to join Ocean Reef Club?

To buy at Ocean Reef, you must become a member. An equity position for a new buyer costs $235,000, with annual dues of $11,500 — on top of the price of a property. Post and Ecuyer tout Ocean Reef’s family-oriented, community atmosphere, where members can play golf, tennis, dock their boats and enjoy water sports.

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Beside this, is Ocean Reef Club expensive?

The Ocean Reef Club prides itself on “the unique way of life.”

Membership Class Initiation Fee Annual Dues
Local Social $40,000 $5,800
Summer only (valid from May to end of October) $20,000 $3,700
Property Equity (This equity will be sold separately from a property) $215,000 $8,000
Secondly, how do you get into Ocean Reef Club? There are only two ways to experience Ocean Reef Club, as a guest of a Member or through the pages of Living magazine. Complete and submit the registration form below for your complimentary copy.

Herein, who is the president of Ocean Reef Club?

Alex Tonarelli –

Is Ocean Reef Club gated?

Secure. The Club is surrounded by water on three sides, and each of the canals that leads from the bay and ocean to our Marina or winds past our Members’ homes is patrolled by the community’s Public Safety Department. On the fourth side is a gated entrance that is also managed by this department.

Does Ocean Reef have a beach?

Ocean Reef Myrtle Beach Resort – Vacation Oceanfront in Myrtle Beach.

Do you have to be a member to stay at the Ocean Reef Club?

When you decide to own property in Ocean Reef Club, you must become an Equity member in order to use the Club’s facilities. You and your guests will enjoy all the amenities of the Club from Buccaneer Island lagoon, paddle boats, and pool to the array of restaurants and shops.

How many houses are in the Ocean Reef Club?


What mile marker is Ocean Reef Club?

The checkpoints will be located on US1 mile marker 112.5 and 905 Road at Carysfort Circle (see map below).

Are country club initiation fees taxable in Florida?

Based on the facts and documents you provided with your request, Florida sales tax is not due on the initiation fees charged to join the Taxpayer’s yacht club because all of the requirements of Rule 12A-1.005(4)(a)1.

How far is Key Largo from Miami airport?

60 miles

What county is Ocean Reef Club?

Monroe County

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