How much does blairwood cost?

The indoor court rate is $43/hr. There is a charge for Indoor Courts at all times. Court reservations are required for both the outdoor and indoor courts (even during Free Outdoor Court Time). Reservations can be made by calling the Front Desk at 426-8820 ext 0.

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Besides, what is Blairwood?

5:30 AM – 9 PM. 5:30 AM – 9 PM. Blairwood is a premier, family-oriented, full-service tennis, swim, and fitness club in Louisville offering first-rate instruction. Our facility includes indoor and outdoor tennis courts, four pools, full locker rooms, group exercise classes, lap swim, and personal training.

Also, what is a fast feed tennis? Our Adult Clinics or Fast Feeds are a great way to enjoy tennis and get lots of exercise. These clinics are 1.5 hours of situational drills conducted by one of our staff pros. The goal is to hit lots of balls in the good company of other players in game like situations.

Also to know is, is Oxmoor Country Club public?

Oxmoor Country Club is a private country club, located in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky. Oxmoor Country Club is owned and operated by the membership for the membership.

How much is Hurstbourne Country Club?

Hurstbourne Country Club – The membership fee to join is $28,000. And it has monthly dues of $375. Lots of amenities for persons to enjoy beyond golf, include swimming, tennis and the clubhouse contains a restaurant for dining. Hunting Creek Country Club – The membership fee to join is $24,000.

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