How much does a table tennis cost?

With that said , the average cost of a ping pong table falls in the range of $150 – $400 for indoor , $400 – $700 for outdoor , $200 – $300 for conversion tops and $1,000+ for luxury , high-end tables.

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Also know, what is the price of table tennis table in Pakistan?

Table Tennis Table Price List

Donic Appelgren Allplay Table Tennis Blade Rs. 6,070
Donic Carbotec Level 900 Table Tennis Racket Rs. 6,600
Donic Waldner Level 900 Table Tennis Racket Rs. 6,700
Donic Bluestorm Z1 Turbo Table Tennis Rubber Rs. 6,490
Donic Waldner Senso V1 Table Tennis Blade Rs. 7,000
Additionally, why are table tennis tables so expensive? Its no brainer – shipping a table, storing a table etc will cost more than say of equal value in rubbers. Cost must include freight, storage, return on investment-profit margin, marketing etc and this is only the retailer part. ITTF approved tables are mostly 25mm, and cheap tables are 19mm or even lower.

Thereof, what is the difference between table tennis and ping pong?

Table tennis and ping-pong are essentially the same game and there are no major differences between them. … Ping-pong is an almost identical game (although there are several variations, including the well-known game of beer pong, of course) that is played in a much more informal and social way.

How many rupees are in a table?

The prices of dining tables on Flipkart range from Rs. 6500 and go up to Rs. 1,11,100.

Glass Dining Table Wood Dining Table
Teak Wood Dining Table Marble Dining Table
Sheesham Wood Dining Table

What is table tennis size?

274 x 152.5 x 76 cm

What is the size of table tennis racket?

Ping-Pong Paddles (Table Tennis Rackets) have an average blade length of 6.7” (17 cm), blade width of 5.9” (15 cm), an overall length between 9.45”-10.25” (240-260 mm).

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