How many tennis balls can a golden retriever fit in its mouth?

6 tennis balls

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Beside above, are tennis balls bad for golden retrievers?

Your dog’s super strong jaws make it possible to compress a tennis ball, making it a choking hazard. The tennis ball can split apart in the back of the throat, blocking your dog’s airway. This can be fatal for your dog.

Regarding this, how many tennis balls can fit in a dog’s mouth?


Also question is, can a golden retriever choke on a tennis ball?

Choking Hazard

My dog loves chomping on tennis balls until they pop. Dogs with powerful jaws like hers can easily break tennis balls in their mouths. This can lead to serious choking hazards. Sometimes, one-half of the tennis ball can get lodged in the back of their throats, blocking the airway.

Why do golden retrievers love balls?

The humble tennis ball is a source of great delight to the Golden Retriever because it is so easily associated with all that he holds dear in terms of his natural drive to retrieve. … In the Golden Retriever’s days of living in the wild, a sequence of events would lead him to hunt and retrieve small prey.

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