How many languages does Fabio Fognini speak?

He began playing tennis when he was four years old and is also a fan of football, supporting Inter Milan and Genoa FC. He also enjoys motorbike racing and is a fan of Valentino Rossi. Fognini speaks Italian, English, Spanish, and French, and his nickname is “Fogna”.

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In this regard, what did Fabio Fognini say?

The heat went to my head,” Fognini wrote. “In today’s match I used a really stupid expression towards myself. Obviously I didn’t want to offend anyone’s sensibilities. I love the LGBT community and I apologise for the nonsense that came out of me.”

Also question is, what has Fabio Fognini won? Career Finals
Year Titles Tournaments
2019 1 ATP Masters 1000 Monte Carlo (Outdoor/Clay)
2018 3 Los Cabos (Outdoor/Hard) Bastad (Outdoor/Clay) Sao Paulo (Indoor/Clay)
2017 1 Gstaad (Outdoor/Clay)
2016 1 Umag (Outdoor/Clay)

Moreover, does Djokovic eat meat?

Djokovic’s diet is based on vegetables, beans, white meat, fish, fruit, nuts, seeds, chickpeas, lentils and healthy oils. He says a prayer before each meal to remind him to appreciate food, eats mindfully – without distractions – and buys organic when possible.

Can Roger Federer speak Afrikaans?

Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer wants to learn the West Germanic language spoken in South Africa. Ironically, Federer, who is multilingual does not speak Afrikaans in spite of his mother being a native.

Who is Fabio Fognini sponsored by?

Sponsorships Men Singles

First Name Last Name Clothing
Roger Federer Uniqlo
Fabio Fognini Hydrogen → EA7 (Emporio Armani)
Bjorn Fratangelo Fila → Neptune
Taylor Fritz Nike

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