How many female tennis players have won the Grand Slam?

These have included the opening of the French national championships to international players in 1925, the elimination of the challenge round in 1922, and the admission of professional players in 1968 (the start of the Open Era). Since then, 55 women have won at least one grand slam.

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Moreover, who is 3rd on the all time list of female tennis Grand Slam champions?

Chris Evert
Match wins #
1. Serena Williams 365
2. / Martina Navratilova 306
3. Chris Evert 299
4. Steffi Graf 278
Simply so, who is the best female tennis player of all time? The Top 10 Greatest Women’s Tennis Players of All Time
  • Venus Williams. …
  • Billie Jean King. …
  • Monica Seles. …
  • Chris Evert. …
  • Margaret Court. …
  • Martina Navratilova. Wikimedia Commons.
  • Steffi Graf. Chris Eason, Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons.
  • Serena Williams. By Sascha Wenninger, Melbourne, Australia via Wikimedia commons.

Thereof, who holds the most Grand Slams in women’s tennis?

Serena Williams

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