How many courts does Rome Tennis Center have?

Rome Tennis Center at Berry College (RTCBC) opened in 2016 and features 51-courts on a 30 acre site. The site is comprised of USTA standard, asphalt tennis courts, 6 NCAA regulation courts, 6 indoor courts and 3 center courts for tournament and collegiate play. All courts have lighting and access to shade structures.

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Herein, how many tennis courts does Berry College have?

The Rome Tennis Center at Berry College is a state-of-the-art facility that features 57 outdoor hard courts, 6 indoor hard courts (coming Feb. 2020) on its sprawling 30 acres. Students get valuable on-the-job experience at the center while earning wages through the nation’s premier Student Work Experience Program.

Likewise, where can I play tennis in Rome? Tennis Courts in Rome, Italy
Tennis Court Map Courts
Tennis Roma A. S. D. Via Ipponio, 11, Rome 1.39 m 7
Associazione Sportiva Moon River Via Angelo Battelli, 6, Rome 3.42 m 4
Tennis Club Gianicolo Srl Fall Via del Forte Bravetta, 217, Rome 3.61 m 12
Tennis Club Vigna Fiorita Via Quarto Sant’Antonio, Rome 10.65 m 6

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