How many championships Elise Mertens won?

So far, Mertens has won six WTA singles titles and 13 WTA doubles titles, including three Grand Slam doubles titles, as well as one doubles title at the WTA 125K Series and 11 ITF singles titles and 13 ITF doubles titles. She reached a career-high WTA singles ranking of No. 12, while in doubles she is the World No. 1.

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Likewise, people ask, what languages does Elise Mertens speak?

Mother is Liliane Barbe (teaches languages and history); father is Guido Mertens (makes furniture for churches). Was home schooled, enjoyed studying languages. Loves animals and has lots of pets at home, four dogs and a variety of birds (pheasants, peacocks, chickens, cranes). Speaks English, Dutch/Flemish, and French

Hereof, is Mertens a common Belgian name? Mertens (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈmɛrtə(n)s]) is a surname of Flemish Origin, meaning “son of Merten” (Martin). It is the fifth most common name in Belgium with 18,518 people in 2008.

Regarding this, what is on Elise Mertens necklace?

The Mountain Gorilla Tag is an exclusive necklace with a unique design featuring the footprint of a gorilla and a responsibly minded and ethically sourced one cent Botswana diamond. Mertens, currently ranked WTA No. … Mertens has been inspired by the work of Virunga National Park and its Rangers.

Who Elise Mertens partner?

Last updated on: 30 September 2021. Elise Mertens (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈmɛrtəns]; born 17 November 1995) is a Belgian professional tennis player.

Year 2021
Tournament Australian Open
Surface Hard
Partner Aryna Sabalenka
Opponents Barbora Krejčíková Kateřina Siniaková

Did Mertens retire?

Aryna Sabalenka advanced to the Mutua Madrid Open semifinals after Elise Mertens retired from their match due to injury. Sabalenka will now face Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova in the final four, after the Russian eked past Karolina Muchova in two tiebreak sets. No.

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