How many ATP 1000 did Zverev win?

Zverev was the singles champion at the 2018 ATP Finals, making him the youngest winner at the year-end championship in a decade. He is the only active player outside of the Big Four with five ATP Masters 1000 titles. Zverev has won 17 ATP titles in singles and two in doubles.

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Keeping this in consideration, who won the Zverev tennis match today?

Novak Djokovic
Secondly, who most ATP titles? Titles & finals
# Titles
85 Novak Djokovic
64 Pete Sampras
52 Andre Agassi
46 Andy Murray

Furthermore, who won 1000 tennis matches?

Totals as listed by the ATP website

Rank Player Wins
1 Jimmy Connors* 1274
2 Roger Federer^ 1251
3 / Ivan Lendl* 1068
4 Rafael Nadal^ 1028

Are there two Zverev tennis players?

He is the son of former Russian tennis player Alexander Zverev Sr., who is also his coach. Internationally, he represents Germany and resides in Monte Carlo, Monaco. His younger brother, Alexander Zverev, also plays on the tour.

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