How long does it take for Tennis Express to ship?

Shipping via USPS Priority provides minimal tracking information and normally delivers within 7 days to 2 weeks. Any shipping promotions offered by Tennis Express DOES NOT apply to shipments outside of the contiguous 48 states.

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Likewise, people ask, does Tennis Express accept returns?

In general, Tennis Express will accept all returns and exchanges on any products within thirty days of when they were purchased.

Accordingly, do Tennis Express rackets come strung? They do not come with string, so you’ll have to choose that with the help of one of our string experts at Tennis Express.

Furthermore, does Tennis Express have free shipping?

Does Tennis Express offer Free Shipping? Shipping is free for all Tennis Express purchase over $69.95.

Does Tennis Express charge tax?


Does Tennis Express deliver to Canada?

Canada, Mexico, and other International Orders

Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are unable to ship to countries outside of the United States. If you are a current Tennis Express customer and need items shipped outside of the United States, please email support at [email protected] or call 713-435-4800.

Can I return a used tennis racket?

Any racquet that is returned in unused condition (no ball fuzz, scrapes on racquet or grommets, or plastic removed from the handle will be issued a full refund (excluding string). Tennis-Point will NOT accept used racquets for return.

How do I know my tennis grip size?

Ruler Test: To measure grip size using the ruler test, first place the fingers of your racket hand together, then align a ruler’s edge with the the bottom horizontal crease of your palm. Next, measure to the tip of your ring finger, this measurement is your grip size.

What tension should I have my tennis racket strung?

When it comes to the actual tension, most manufacturers recommend stringing elastic materials like nylon or natural gut around 50-60 lbs. If using a stiffer string like polyester, drop the tension to avoid arm injuries.

How often should you string a tennis racquet?

As a general rule you should re-string each year as often as you play per week. If you play twice per week, you should restring your racket twice per year. All strings gradually stretch and lose their resiliency or go dead, even if you play infrequently.

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