How do you write a conclusion for a sport?

Sports in a way are a great source of knowledge of what life is. We develop skills like Leadership, Teamwork, Patience, Competitiveness and Determination of Success. These are some of the good and must qualities that a person must have in his/her own life. Sports are generally played for fitness, passion and success.

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Simply so, how do you appreciate badminton as a sport?

Playing Badminton has many benefits. It provides an overall fitness to an individual; it helps in strengthening the muscles, and burning fat. It keeps the weight in check and prevents obesity. Regularly playing the sport has plenty of mental benefits too.

Considering this, what is badminton history? The game is named for Badminton, the country estate of the dukes of Beaufort in Gloucestershire, England, where it was first played about 1873. … The roots of the sport can be traced to ancient Greece, China, and India, and it is closely related to the old children’s game battledore and shuttlecock.

Similarly one may ask, what is badminton paragraph?

Badminton is a sport for two or four( “singles” or “doubles”) people. The game is either one player against one player or a team of two players against another team of two players. … The first player or pair to reach 21 points wins a game. The winner of the match is the first to win 2 sets.

What is the conclusion of football?

The football affects us all in profound ways. Whether it is by helping to develop new reflexes or muscle memory while we play with it, by changing our perceptions of controllable space while we play without it, or by simply alleviating stress as a past-time. Football can be seen as a hobby, a sport, an obsession.

What does make a conclusion mean?

A conclusion is the last part of something, its end or result. … The phrase in conclusion means “finally, to sum up,” and is used to introduce some final comments at the end of a speech or piece of writing.

What is the most difficult skill in badminton?

The backhand clear is considered by most players and coaches to be the most difficult basic stroke in the game, since precise technique is needed in order to muster enough power for the shuttlecock to travel the full length of the court.

What skills can you gain from badminton?

Improves inter personal skills

Badminton is a two person sport. Playing against an opponent will not only help improve your game but also enables you to learn and cultivate good values such as fair play and sportsmanship. In case of doubles you get a chance to partner up with another and form a team.

What you’ve learned about badminton?

Learn how to grip the racket, hit a smash, move around the court, how to defend and how to score. By learning the basics you can do various tricks and will be able to ace various skills. It is similar to life, learn what you want to do, how you want it and why you want something, it just makes things very simple.

Who first invented badminton?

the duke of Beaufort

What is the old name of badminton?


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