How do you win at paddle?


  1. Encourage your partner all the time. The best time to support it when it ‘s going wrong or making mistakes. …
  2. When things go wrong, try different variant, are not left without options. …
  3. Use basic tactics and have an alternative in case it does not work. …
  4. Allow errors aside.

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Besides, how do you hit a paddle drive in tennis?

Also question is, what is the objective of paddle tennis? The object of Platform Tennis is for one pair to defeat their opponents by winning two out of the three sets that make up a Platform Tennis match.

Secondly, how do I get better at platform tennis?

How do I improve my padel game?

5 mental tips to improve your padel

  1. Work WITH your partner. Padel is always played in doubles format, so it makes sense that the top of this list is to maintain good synergy with your partner. …
  2. Visualization. …
  3. Patience – During a Point & the Match. …
  4. Do Not Show Your Frustration. …
  5. Never give up.

What are the 3 basic strokes in paddle tennis?

The Paddle Technique: The Basic Strikes (II)

An first post We collected the main aspects to take into account when executing 3 of the fundamental strokes of paddle tennis, such as the take out, the backhand and the forehand.

What are the three basic strokes in paddle tennis?

We start with the serve, the backhand and the forehand.

How do you hit a paddle forehand?

Is paddle harder than tennis?

Is padel easier than tennis? Padel is fundamentally an easier sport to learn and play. The short-handled racket makes ball control easier in padel. The lack of an overhead service in padel means that an absolute beginner can enjoy a game without specialist lessons.

Is paddle tennis easier than tennis?

Padel is easier to play and learn than tennis because less physical strength and technical capacities are demanded and there is a fantastic combination between your brain, challenged to its limits and your body that has to move a lot, but not necessarily as accurately as in tennis.

How many games do you have to win to win the paddle tennis set?

Most of the time, padel matches are played in the best-of-three format, meaning that two sets need to be won in order to win the match. A set is won by the team that first wins 6 games, with a two game difference. So in case the score is 6-5, one more game needs to be won by the team with 6 in order to win the set.

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