How do you travel with a tennis racket?

Under TSA rules, individuals are allowed to carry tennis rackets on board as hand luggage. Equivalent agencies worldwide (like the EU) also accept tennis rackets as a carry-on items. Therefore, be advised that it is up to the individual airlines whether or not you can carry rackets with you.

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In this way, can I take a tennis racket as hand luggage?

British airlines have long made their own rules based on common sense rather than EU bureaucracy. EasyJet, for example, allows tennis racquets in the cabin if they conform to size regulations. … Tennis, badminton and squash racquets are all allowed onboard if they confirm to size regulations.

In this regard, does a tennis bag count as a carry-on? The TSA allows rackets on planes, as long as your tennis bag (or other carry-on bag) meets the size requirements for overhead bins.

Then, can you take racket on plane?

Badminton racquets and bags cannot be taken on flights as hand luggage. They exceed the maximum size restrictions airlines have for hand luggage. … Hand luggage needs to fit into the overhead storage in the plane’s cabin. This is the reason for the maximum size dimensions given by airlines.

What are the sizes of tennis rackets?

Tennis Racket Head Sizes:

  • OVERSIZE: 105” or larger.
  • MIDPLUS: 98” to 104”
  • MIDSIZE: 85” to 97”
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FRAME: 9 – 9.7oz / 255 – 275g.
  • MEDIUM FRAME: 9.8 – 11oz / 275 – 310g.
  • HEAVY WEIGHT FRAME: 11oz / 310g or heavier.

Can you bring a tennis racket on Spirit Airlines?

You can bring your racket as a personal item as long as the length and width are within the dimensions (18″x14″x8″).

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