How do you put a tennis ball on a string?


  1. Carefully cut a thin slot into the tennis ball (picture 1).
  2. Tie a knot into the end of the string (picture 2).
  3. Push the knot into the slot (picture 3).
  4. Measure and cut chord, leaving some spare string in case you want to use it in other spots later on.

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Also question is, will a tennis ball dent a garage door?

It all fits together. Balls bounce higher, roll truer and it makes for a great surface to start and stop on a dime. All this adds up to a door that can be peppered with dents and dings especially if you have an aluminum or steel door.

Hereof, how do you make garage parking aid? 3.

  1. a suspended tennis ball on a string hung from the ceiling (when it touches your windshield, you’re in far enough)
  2. attaching a paint brush or broom head to the driver side wall (when your mirror touches the bristles, you’ll know you’re over too far on that side)

In this way, how do I park my garage perfectly?

Why do people hang a tennis ball in their garage?

Hanging a tennis ball on a string in your garage helps you to easily determine where to stop and conversely know your car is far enough inside for your garage door to close.

What is the game with a ball on a pole?


How do you play tennis in the garage?

How do you hit tennis balls at home?

How do you hang a tennis ball for practice?

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