How do you play single handed backhand in tennis?

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Moreover, how do you hit a great one-handed backhand?

Similarly one may ask, how do you master the basic one-handed backhand?

Also to know is, how do you teach a one-handed backhand?

Who has the best one-handed backhand?

Roger Federer
ATP Ranking Player
3 Roger Federer
4 Dominic Thiem
6 Stefanos Tsitsipas
19 Marco Cecchinato

Who has the best backhand in tennis?

Dominic Thiem led the current Top 10 with average backhand speed at 67.4 mph, followed by Djokovic (67.3 mph) and Alexander Zverev (67.0 mph). Federer was around the middle of the ATP pack, averaging 66.1 mph. The average backhand speed for the 94 players in the data set was 66.0 mph.

What is one key point to a good backhand in tennis?

The most important thing is to be able to keep the ball on the court when you are a beginner, so keeping your backhand swing at a level that you’re able to keep the ball on the court is your No. 1 priority.

Is a one handed or two handed backhand better?

The two-handed backhand may be a less destructive shot than the one-hander, but it is also more reliable: the extra hand on the racket means it is easier to handle incoming pace and spin, and to swing the racket along a predictable path. … By contrast, the single-hander is a shot for gamblers and swashbucklers.

Who has a one handed backhand?

Roger Federer

How do you hit a backspin with topspin?

How do you master backhand in tennis?

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