How do you perform a flick serve in badminton?

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Secondly, is flick serve a high serve?

There are 3 basic serves; High Serve (used in singles only, Low Serve (used in both singles and doubles) and Flick serve (used in doubles).

In this manner, what’s the difference between Flick and low service? 3. The Flick Serve (“Fake” Low Serve) … When you stand in a low serve position, your opponent would probably expect a low serve. However, push your thumb and flick your wrist harder so the shuttlecock flies HIGH and heads to the back of the court!

Correspondingly, what are the 3 types of shots in badminton?

Types of Badminton Shots: Learn to Use the Badminton Clear, Drop Shot, Net Shot and Smash to Win Rallies. There are a few types of badminton shots that are commonly used in badminton games today.

What are the 4 types of serves in badminton?

These are the four main types of services in badminton and most can be executed with either your forehand or backhand.

  • Low serve. …
  • High serve. …
  • Flick serve. …
  • Drive Serve.

What is the most powerful shot in badminton?

The badminton smash

What is the old name of badminton?


What are the 5 shots in badminton?

There are five different types of badminton shots or strokes: Serves, clears, smashes, drives and drops.

What is the best position in receiving a serve in badminton?

In doubles receiver always try to be more aggressive so a most commonly position for receiving a serve standing as close to the front service line transferring your body weight on to your non racket leg as shown in the picture by bending your knees a little bit extending your racket and no racket arm forward to come as …

When would you use a flick serve in badminton?

One common scenario to use a flick serve is if the receiving player is the weaker of the two opponents in the backcourt. This can be the case if a doubles pair has a designated front court/backcourt player, or generally when the female player is receiving the serve in a mixed doubles pair.

How do you clear a badminton overhead?

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