How do you move fast in tennis clash?

You tap on the court where you want to move, and swipe to pull off a shot when the ball is coming towards you. The direction you swipe dictates where the ball will go too, so you’ll have to keep this in mind. The faster you swipe, the harder you’ll hit the ball and the further you swipe, the further it will go.

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Then, how do you run in tennis clash?

Correspondingly, how do you drop shot in tennis clash?

Moreover, how do you hit good shots in tennis clash?

Strong Shot: The Strong Shot is a fast-ball high-range shot. It can be quite hard for your opponent to catch. It can be achieved by sliding your finger the faster at the exact moment your Player is about to hit the ball.

How do you hit a hard serve in tennis clash?

How do you beat a volley in tennis clash?

What do the cards mean in tennis clash?

Unlocking items and characters

The cards are item-specific. This means you can not upgrade another item or character with a specific card. Items and characters are tour-bound. This means that they can only be found in a bag, obtained by playing in a certain tour.

What is Cheer up in tennis clash?

All members of a Club can request help from other members to Cheer Up their Bags in order to open them earlier! Within the Club Chat you will be able to tap on “ Cheer Up Bag” on the bottom of the screen to request help from other members. The Club members can “ Cheer Up” for you to help accelerate the bag opening.

How do you get out of a tennis slump?

Tips for Surviving a Tennis Slump

  1. Realize and accept that slumps happen to all players. …
  2. Be positive during your matches. …
  3. Forget about winning and losing for a while. …
  4. Set some new on-court goals for yourself.

How do you win more in tennis clash?

Tennis Clash Tips & Tricks: How to Ace Tennis Clash Without Spending a Single Penny

  1. Focus on developing and exploiting one particular stat, while not ignoring the others. …
  2. Analyse your opponent’s stats and act accordingly. …
  3. Chose either Volley or Backhand/Forehand to slide past Tour 2 and Tour 3.

Can you slice in tennis clash?

1) Add a slice mechanic. Tennis has essentially 3 different strokes: Flat, top spin, slice. These will impact the curve and bounce of the ball and forces the other player to position differently. The game currently only has one mechanic which is flat.

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